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WEBINAR: A/B Prototype Testing 101

A/B testing provides reliable data to steer design decisions in the right direction. It traditionally requires multiple design options to be fully implemented. That is late in the design process. Wouldn't you rather A/B test in the prototyping stage, choosing the best design options early and saving you money and time?

On 31st August 2022 our experienced UX researchers discussed the importance of A/B testing with prototypes, the best practices, our recommendations. 

Uncover the essentials of A/B Prototype Testing to improve your product in the recording of the webinar today.

Webinar covers topics:

    • What is A/B testing? What is Prototype Testing?
    • When to use A/B Prototype Testing?
    • When is your prototype ready for testing?
    • A/B Prototype Testing Case Study
    • How to conduct successful A/B Prototype Testing?
    • Discussion

Webinar Recording: A/B Prototype Testing

Useful resources on A/B Testing Prototypes:


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