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UXtweak Uni Snippet

Some UXtweak tools, such as Website Testing, Recruiting Widget or Session Recording require the installation of the UXtweak snippet into your website or web-based prototype. This snippet provides features such as data recording or displaying tool-specific information to respondents and visitors.

Until now, each study and widget had its very own snippet, which only worked for that specific study. When you wanted to start a new study, you had to install a new snippet. To simplify things, we unified all of your account’s snippets into one UXtweak snippet. Once you install this snippet on your website, all new Website Testing, Session Recording and Recruiting Widgets will use this same snippet and you won’t need to install anything else. This snippet is tied to the owner of the account and all team members share the same snippet.


To keep our users satisfied we have made few more upgrades. Check our section with News and Updates for more information or sign into your UXtweak account to try the new features!

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