Sales Development Representative

Published on December 14, 2021

Sales Development Representative

At UXtweak, we help companies to build great digital products. We are a global company with 1000 % growth YoY. Our customer list is very impressive with the biggest brands utilizing our services: Intel, HSBC, Paypal, MIT, Generali to name just a few.

We are seeking a full-time Sales Development Representative to drive the pre-sales and post-sales function, who will be given the opportunity to develop and build relationships with prospects and grow our pipeline.

What you will do after your morning coffee

  • Take care of our customers. From the first contact, through the onboarding process, to the post-sale support. You will be a partner to our customers, not just someone who sold them our product.
  • Learn a lot. We will encourage you to learn about sales methods, self-development, and of course, a lot about UX.
  • If somebody asks how UXtweak can help their company, you will show them at least 10 ways how we can make their UX better.
  • You can also start working after lunch if you wish to. Client calls will be just 10 percent of your work, so you can organize your work time as you like.
  • You will look for new opportunities, and use various sales tools to identify decision-makers within targeted accounts to begin the sales process.
  • You will collaborate with your colleagues from all departments and update them on any developments in your work on a daily basis. But don’t worry, we avoid meaningless calls. The average time of our internal meetings is just 12 minutes.
  • You will be preparing client briefs and proposals.
  • Sometimes, but not very often, you will create reports. 
  • And of course the best part of the job – closing deals. Having the endorphins when you close big customers, that you were working on for a couple of months.

What should be your strong characteristics

You are a listener 

You are able to listen to the problems of our customers and you can propose solutions. We are very happy if we sell UXtweak to our customers, but we are even happier if we can help them to solve their problems too.

You have previous experience with selling 

You don’t need to be a SaaS sales representative, but it would be great if you could show us some achievements from your past work.


You are a very organized and precise person. You are able to understand and explain complex concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. You have good organizational skills and can plan things.


Good deals always take time.

A people person

You must have good people skills and be able to work in cross-functional teams. At UXtweak it happens a lot, that guys from the marketing department work with sales and IT.

Language skills 

You have very good English, as our customers are mainly from the USA, Australia, and Europe.

Autonomy and improvement

You are a self-starter, eager to work autonomously. You often say: ‘I have a good idea how we can improve this.’ You are always trying to do things better.

What’s the difference between working at UXtweak and your current job?

  • You will deal with clients like Intel, Groupon, MIT university. 
  • You will be selling products which grew by 1000 % last year.
  • Very good provision from closed deals.
  • Growth opportunities – for example our marketing senior was 6 months ago just a marketing intern. We grew 300 % as a team from last year.
  • Diversity – we love diversity and we support it. 
  • You will be talking mainly to C-level clients and very inspiring people.
  • You sell a world-class product.
  • You will have great colleagues.

Don’t hesitate to send us your CV today.

We will contact you, and if you catch our interest, you can expect an introductory interview and a task that will test your skills.

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