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Try testing with UXtweak in new languages

To strengthen our user research expertise in Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, France, and Spain, we have added new languages to our UXtweak tools.

We’d like to inform you that now you can execute testing with UXtweak in six new languages: Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, French and Swedish. These 6 languages come in addition to the 4 languages already available: Slovak, English, Czech, and German. All of them are available in all of our tools. By this, UXtweak helps you to overcome the language barrier and makes sure that you’ll get maximum from your next testing. 

Target countries according to your needs

As with all user testing, the two fundamentals of international user testing are to involve real users and have them do real tasks without your help, thus without any need of explaining and translating the tasks for them. You should select language targeting according to what you are seeking to accomplish.  Let’s say you want to do your next testing with Swedish users. The process is really simple. Just go to the General settings, click on the Language and choose Swedish.

set up new languages

Then, when participants open your study all instructions will be in Swedish. 

swedish language in UXtweak tools

Whatever your projects are, UXtweak will assist you better understand your users and make UX a competitive advantage on your market.  Are you ready to test? ¿Estás lista para probar? Är du redo att testa? Êtes-vous prêt à tester? Just log in to your account in UXtweak or if you don’t have one pick a plan and try our UXtweak tools.

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