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Competitive Usability Testing with UXtweak

Uncover strengths and weaknesses in your web user experience with usability testing competitor products. Understand what users love or where they struggle and create a winning strategy using competitor sites in usability testing. Now possible with the all-new UXtweak Chrome Extension!

We are proud to announce the new UXtweak Chrome extension, enabling UX researchers to easily test any website with no need to edit site’s source code. Be sure to check it out!

Choose your competitor’s website

Use Website Testing from UXtweak to test usability of your competitor’s website.

To start competitive usability testing, create a new Website Testing study and specify the web URL of your competitor.

Give users task to complete

Get a true sense of how users experience your competitor’s site in tasks of real-life scenarios.

Give testers tasks and capture their behavior on the website. Before the testing starts, participants are prompted to install a UXtweak Chrome Extension – a browser plug-in for tracking user activity on any website.

Analyze user behavior

Watch the recordings and reveal the findings from competitor research usability testing into your web UX.

Analyze insights, gather user feedback and improve your website user experience.

Start testing website’s usability with UXtweak Chrome Extension today!

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