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Best UX Podcasts in 2023: UX Podcasts Survey results

Two weeks after launching our Podcast Survey, we came around to collect the results. Check out our list of the best UX Podcasts to listen to in 2023, and maybe you'll find your next favorite podcast here!

We have recently launched a UX Podcast Survey with a single goal in mind – to help you find the best UX podcasts to listen to in 2023. We are happy to announce that the study is finally complete with more than 400 podcast listeners surveyed from all over the globe.

Read along to find our Top 10 UX Podcast list, featuring your top picks for 2023, the best podcasts by role and experience!

By the way, did you know we have our own podcast? (no shame for a self-promo😜)

ux podcast


But first, let’s go quickly through the demographic information so we can get the basics out of the way. After that, we can move on to the juicy stuff. 

Where are our respondents from?

According to the results of the study, our respondents come from all over the globe, except for Antarctica (penguins are really missing out on this one). Here’s a handy infographic of our findings:

ux podcasts survey

Where do our respondents work?

We also asked our respondents what roles they fill.

Here’s what we found out: 

ux podcasts

How much experience do our respondents have?

Experience of UX podcast listeners can also be a very telling thing. With this information, you can get an idea of how experienced people who listen to specific podcasts are. Let’s take a look at the results. Seems like the majority of participants in our study are individuals with up to 10+ years of experience in UX:

ux podcasts survey

Do our respondents listen to more than one podcast? 

Do they have their favorite podcast and stick to it, or prefer to listen to multiple ones? These data help us see whether people are willing to try other podcasts or prefer to stick to one old favorite.

ux podcasts

As you can see, people prefer the things they are used to – it’s in our genes. However, 79% of our respondents stated that they listen to two podcasts, which means they are still open to having more than one favorite. 

Most listened to podcasts in 2023: Top 10

Drum roll please. This is the part that most of you came here for. Now we’re getting into the juicy stuff, where you can find the best UX podcasts to tune into in 2023. 

These are the 10 podcasts our respondents listened to the most. Here, you can find some high-quality content to learn from, be entertained, as well as get inspired. 

#1 99% Invisible

99% invisible

Link: https://99percentinvisible.org/ 

Hosted by: Roman Mars 

Release: Weekly

Length of episode: 40 minutes

Topics:  Sound, Architecture, Technology, History, Visuals


99% Invisible is a weekly podcast that explores the process and power of architecture and design via thought-provoking stories from around the world. Roman discusses the amount of thought that goes into the stuff we don’t see – the architecture and style that shapes our world.

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#2 The NN/G UX Podcast

NN/g UX podcast

Link: https://anchor.fm/nngroup

Hosted by: Therese Fessenden

Release: Monthly

Length of episode: 30-50 minutes

Topics: User experience, UX career, Trends in UX


This podcast is from one of the leading UX companies in the world, which means that whatever they are talking about is worth giving a listen to. They frequently release podcasts with interesting guests with backgrounds in UX, Design, and Product, meaning that they can send a lot of knowledge your way absolutely for free! 

#3 Design Matters

Design Matters

Link: https://www.designmattersmedia.com/ 

Hosted by: Debbie Millman

Release: Weekly

Length of episode: 1 hour

Topics: Product development, Visual design, User experience, User research, Creativity


Design Matters has been broadcasting for more than fifteen years, making it one of the first podcasts in the world. The show focuses on how amazingly-creative people plan their life journeys. Debbie’s guests come from a variety of backgrounds, including design, but not exclusively to it. Authors, writers, art directors, design consultants, filmmakers, as well as others are all represented in this podcast, making it really diverse.

#4 Honest UX Talks

honest ux talks

Link: https://anchor.fm/honestuxtalks

Hosted by: Anfisa Bogomolova & Ioana Teleanu

Release: At least bi-weekly 

Length of episode: 30-50 minutes

Topics: Career in UX, Design, UX


Our dear friend Anfisa teamed up with Ioana Teleanu to bring us the Honest UX Talks. A very relaxed and chill experience with topics ranging from design, UX processes, as well as being a woman in tech to mental health & burnout. Interesting to listen to, with enormous amounts of added value. If you want to gain new insight, yet not feel overwhelmed by tons of information, this podcast is definitely worth your time.

#5 UI Breakfast

ui breakfast

Link: https://uibreakfast.com/ 

Hosted by: Jane Portman

Release: Weekly

Length of episode: 40 minutes

Topics: UX strategy, User research, User experience, Illustrations, Design system,


Jane is the host of the UI Breakfast Podcast, an interview show where she discusses UI/UX design, products, marketing, and more. Jane’s guests are industry experts who provide practical advice. The podcast features thought-provoking content, as well as guides and tools to help UX/UI designers improve their skills.

#6 Design Details

Design details

Link: https://designdetails.fm/ 

Hosted by: Brian Lovin & Marshall Bock

Release: Weekly

Length of episode: 30 minutes

Topics: Design culture, Design process, Design tools 


Design Details are presented in the form of a casual discussion. Brian and Marshall, the Design Leads at YouTube Gaming, invite top UX, visual, product, and game designers to join their podcast.

#7 The Futur

the futur

Link: https://thefutur.com/podcast

Hosted by: Chris Do

Release: Weekly

Length of episode: 1+ hour

Topics: Tech, Design, Marketing, Personal Development, Philosophy 


Chris Do, host and CEO of The Futur, has done an amazing job with this one. With over 188 aired episodes at the time of writing this article, The Futur is a really broad and diverse experience. With many interesting topics and guest speakers, this podcast goes really deep. If you want to know more about psychology, science, or real life stories, then this podcast has you covered. Check it out!

#8 User Defenders

user defenders

Link: https://userdefenders.com/

Hosted by: Jason Ogle

Release: Production is currently paused

Length of episode: 1-2 hours

Topics: UX, Design


If you want to have a great laugh while gaining new ideas and insight, then this podcast is made for you. It’s produced with a really friendly attitude and good vibes. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Jason decided to hit the pause button on creating new episodes. However, with that said, User Defenders should “revisit cadence“ in 2023. We can only support this decision and wish Jason all the best, since we are really looking forward to seeing him back.

#9 Awkward Silences

awkward silences

Link: https://www.userinterviews.com/podcast

Hosted by: Erin May & John Henry Forster

Release: Bi-weekly

Length of episode: 40 minutes 

Topics: Research, Data, UX


Another great podcast centered around tech and UX. The show hosts a number of really interesting guests, and the hosts are very engaging and pleasant to listen to. If you like research and are more of an analytical type, then this podcast was made for you. And even if you aren’t, it still provides a very good ‘edutainment’ opportunity.

#10 UX Friends Podcast

ux friends podcast

Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/0UmyrwBX3IKySYDRQmI07n

Hosted by: Andrea Monsalve & Erwin Aguirre

Release: Bi-weekly

Length of episode: 30 minutes

Topics: UX


This podcast is very popular amongst our Spanish-speaking respondents, and we believe we know why. It’s really entertaining! So, if you’re a little behind on your Spanish lessons or already speaking the language, this podcast is definitely for you.

Top 5 podcasts by role

Because our respondents provided us with their occupation, we matched this data and came back with this handy guide on the most-listened-to podcasts by professionals in the field.

ux podcasts

Podcast by experience

The respondents also provided us with how extensive their experience is. We collected that data and made personalized categories of the most-listened-to podcasts by years in the field. 

ux podcasts

Bonus: UX Research Geeks

ux podcast

Link: https://www.uxtweak.com/podcast/ 

Hosted by: Tina Ličková

Release: twice a month

Length of episode: 40 minutes

Topics: UX, Design, Research


Unsurprisingly, UX Research Geeks is a podcast dedicated to user experience, design, research, and everything else related to it. It is presented by UXtweak, an all-in-one UX research platform, and is hosted by Tina Ličková, a senior UX researcher and all-around kickass human. With senior researchers, designers, presenters, CEOs, startup founders, and countless others, you can geek out with us about research.

Gender Philosophy and Politics

ux podcast

We would like to present you one of our latest and most interesting episodes with the incredible Elham Mohtashamzadeh. 

Eli is an Iranian researcher at the Central European University. Gender, women’s rights, media portrayal, social movements, and women’s representation in film are some of her key areas of interest. She is also an experimental filmmaker and poet with two books that have been published in her home country. 

Tune in to our latest talk where we discuss the differences of sex and gender, and scratch the surface on topics like heteronormative social constructs and capitalism’s influence on our gender realities.

Available on all platforms:

🎧Apple Podcasts  🎧Spotify  🎧Google Podcasts

What will you be listening to next?

As you can see, there are many podcasts you can choose from when trying to discover something new about UX, design, and related topics. Additionally, you can check out our guides to learn more about UX research. We collected this data through our questionnaire, so it’s quite possible that your favorite didn’t make the list, but that’s still totally okay. Maybe one of these selected by our respondents will prove to be your next favorite.

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